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of Montepulciano

History, art, wine and traditions are the basic elements of a unique land, where the travel turns into emotions.

Churches, palaces, historic monuments. The most important buildings look onto Piazza Grande and along the one-and-a-half kilometre of the Central Corso. It is like a “gallery” of extraordinary historic and architectural value. Since 1954, the Civic Museum is located in Via Ricci, inside the Fourteenth-century Neri Orselli Palace.

Cultural initiatives and exhibitions are held inside. Lately, a painting belonging to the collection was attributed to Caravaggio and this has raised a new, strong interest for the Museum.

Those who are staying in Montepulciano for more than one day can visit extraordinary towns and villages, which are only 30 minutes far from it, like Pienza, Cortona, Sarteano, the Etruscan Museum of Chiusi and some Medieval Hamlets like Montefollonico, Bagno Vignoni and Monticchiello.

Montepulciano is famous all over the world not only for its wonderful landscapes and monuments, but undoubtedly for the product  which is called after it.

The “Vino Nobile” was the first one in Italy to be the proud holder of the brand Docg, but its qualities were well known since the far past.

Santa Claus’ Village is located in the upper part of the Medieval Hamlet of Montepulciano, between Piazza del Duomo and the Medici Fortress. Montepulciano is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Italian Hamlets which was able to fully maintain its Sixteenth-century splendour. Visiting Montepulciano is like plunging one’s perceptions in an unforgettable experience, full of charm, among the fragrances and the flavours of a Region which is known and appreciated throughout the world for its breath-taking landscapes and its inborn capacity of hosting and cuddling its tourists.

Its soul is Sangiovese which is aged for two years at the perfect maturity in barrels or barrique in order to reach its characterising unmistakable taste which gives it its strong territorial identity.

The Wine Maker cooperative of “Nobile di Montepulciano”  was born in 1965 aiming at protecting and promoting its image and, at a later stage, the one of the two qualities of “Red Doc Wine” of Montepulciano and “Vin Santo”, in Italy and all over the world.


If the wine is the leading product in Montepulciano, nevertheless the strong farming vocation of these lands is expressed through many other unique products : “Chianina” and “Cinta senese” meats ; extra virgin olive oil, pecorino cheese and the “pici” the typical pasta which has to be eaten with the traditional sauces.

Among the Sienese hills of Sant’Albino,  about 3 km away from town, there are the Montepulciano thermal baths, a modern wellness centre characterized by the exclusivity of its thermal waters which gush out from a depth of more than 130 metres. If one wants to recover a natural wellness, people can benefit of thermal mud treatments, anti-stress massages and hydro-massages, air-showers and swimming pools.

Si ringrazia per la collaborazione ai testi:

Diego Mancuso, Alessandro Maurilli, Riccardo Pizzinelli, Francesca Raspanti, Stefano Soglia.

per informazioni scrivere a: info@nataleamontepulciano.it

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