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In Piazza Grande, Piazzetta Danesi Piazzetta del Leone (a natural terrace overlooking the gorgeous Val D’Orcia) and in Via San Donato, a few metres by the walls of Santa Claus’ Castle, you will find a typical Christmas Market equipped with seventy small wooden houses and theme decorations.


The quality and the originality of the products sold in the Market were carefully chosen by involving the artisan associations; there are several categories of different products:

Christmas decorations and adornments, food products, sweets, clothing and leather goods, local handcraft and much more.

Moreover, thanks to its wide pedestrian area, the Market is the perfect place to enjoy street food, to watch several exhibitions and shows and get some entertainment for the whole family.

Free entry!

Market opening

17-18 novembre

24-25 novembre

1-2 dicembre

7-8-9 dicembre

14-15-16 dicembre

21-22-23-24 dicembre

25 dicembre

dal 26 dicembre al 6 gennaio

always open from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm

(25 dicembre only afternoon)

per informazioni scrivere a: info@nataleamontepulciano.it

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