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Info and Guidelines

  • The ticket is valid only for the entrance to the Castle
  • For safety reasons and in order to allow all those who will visit us and our Castle, it is not allowed to get back inside the Castle once you get out of it.
  • For hygiene reasons, it is not allowed to eat inside the Castle.
  • For safety reasons, whether the maximum capacity of the Castle is achieved, the Staff may decide to split up the entrances and suspend the ticket sale or anticipate the closing of the Castle.
  • Online pre-sale
  • If you buy the ticket at the Castle box office, once you buy it you must start the visit.

Getting to Montepulciano by car



Take the highway “Del Sole – A1”, go off at “Valdichiana-Bettolle”, cross the village of “Bettolle” and follow the road to “Torrita di Siena”

Once in “Torrita di Siena”, follow the road to Montepulciano.



Take the highway “Del Sole – A1”, go off at “Chiusi-Chianciano”, follow the road to “Chianciano Terme”

Cross the village of “Chianciano Terrme” and follow the road to Montepulciano



Getting to Montepulciano by airplane

The closest airports to Montepulciano are the following :

Florence : “Amerigo Vespucci” Airport ;

Perugia : “Sant’Egidio” Airport ;

Pisa : “Galileo Galilei” Airport ;

Rome : “Leonardo da Vinci” Airport ;

Once you get to one of these airports, the best thing to do is to hire a car.

Getting to Montepulciano by train

“Chiusi-Chianciano Terme” Railway station (20 km far) which lays on the main railway line Rome-Florence-Bologna-Milan.

Once you get to the “Chiusi-Chianciano Terme” Railway station, you have got two possibilities :

Catch a bus to Montepulciano ;

Keep on travelling on the Regional train you are in (direction Siena) and get off in the Montepulciano Railway station. Then catch a bus to Montepulciano.





Getting to Montepulciano by Motor caravan

For any street information, you are kindly asked to check the link “Getting to Montepulciano by car”.


By clicking on this link, you will find any information you need about the parking Motor caravan area in Montepulciano :

per informazioni scrivere a: info@nataleamontepulciano.it

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